Things that make you go Hmm…

10 May

No matter how elementary the concept, you cannot expect all or even half of society to get it. Some things should just go without saying, but life isn’t quite that simple, now is it?

Let’s take the Health Care Industry for exaple. It can only be assumed that Doctors and Nurses pursued their careers because of their genuine love of medicine and their passion for helping their fellow humans feel better when they’re sick. We understand that the paychecks are nice, but that shouldn’t be the only reason why they have chosen these careers. But have any of you actually tried being seen by a Doctor lately? They treat you like you don’t really matter. Like you should feel privilaged that they’re giving you 5 minutes of their time (and charging your insurance company ((If you HAVE insurance)) $150+) instead of THEM feeling privilaged becaues you chose them as your Doctor out of all of the ones in the world.

Another thing that really kills me about these same Doctors is how they’re so quick to sedate. “Here’s a pill for this! Here’s a pill for that!” A lot of times they really don’t care what they prescribe you, as long as there’s not a drug-interaction (Google it) they are in the clear and they are getting a nice little cut from the pharmaceutical companies. Have any of you seen those god-awful medication commercials where they give you a solution to your problem but add on the possibility of about 38 other horrible side-effects? A lot of times these side-effects include death. Come on! Is a stroke or cerebral aneurysm really worth you curing your gas problems? Or my favorite; Are the increased thoughts of suicide worth it when you’re trying to treat your thoughts of suicide?? Give me a break!

Well, that’s it for now! I’m thinking I’ll make “Things that make you go Hmm” a reoccurring topic on my Blog.

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-Emily Sixx

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