The Burgundy Room poisoned me!!!!

8 Sep

I originally wrote this review on Yelp back in June….Enjoy!

I went there on a Saturday evening with some friends to have a few drinks before going to a club later in the night. My friends all had beer and I had a total of two Lemon Drop Martinis. I had specifically asked the waitress to please have them made with Grey Goose and she assured me that they would. I noticed while drinking them that they tasted a little off, but I just thought it was maybe the way they made the lemon drops; Every bartender at every venue makes it differently.

I’m not a stuck up person. I don’t ask for top shelf liquor for the taste, nor to feel cool spending more money on my alcohol. I ask for top shelf because if I have anything less than that I get extremely sick.

Well, after those two drinks we decided to head out and guess who got sooooo sick on just two drinks that they had to go home?! Meeee! I literally blacked out! I used to be a bartender myself so I KNOW how to drink. Just the weekend before I had 8 Margaritas and 2 shots and was perfectly fine that night AND the next day. But this time it was different. I felt soooooo sick the next day. I tasted the vodka and I had the worst hangover of life. It totally ruined the rest of my weekend.

What was given to me was NOT Grey Goose. It must have been the dirtiest of their dirty well vodka. So either the bartender thought, “What the heck, this is for a table and they can’t see me so let me give them the cheap shit” OR their “Grey Goose” bottles are married with Crystal Palace or McCormick vodka, but I was indeed charged for the good stuff.

I suffer from on and off Gastritis and I cannot have this kind of stuff happening to me. I literally feel like I was poisoned! I will NEVERRRRR EVERRRR go back there again and I will most definitely shout out from the rooftops how completely atrocious this place is.
The Burgundy Room
3015 Grand Ave
Ste 250
Miami, FL 33133

One Response to “The Burgundy Room poisoned me!!!!”

  1. Julie Morency September 12, 2011 at 9:05 am #

    That’s terrible, and hopefully the owner sees this and has a talk with the bartenders. Simply unacceptable. And you WERE poisoned. I smell a lawsuit! Ha

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