Brownes & Co…No wonder you’re now CLOSED!

14 Sep

I originally wrote this review on Yelp back in January.  Turns out they are now closed.  I wonder why!….Enjoy!

They get ONE star because the receptionist was nice to me over the phone. How about that??

I payed $99 on Couptessa for their Keratin treatment special, valued up to $400; and with the length of my hair, I know mine would normally cost $300-$400 to treat, so I’m thinking “What a deal!” F***in’ A was I wrong!

Lets start off with the appointment process. Anyone who has purchased a coupon has to make their appointment through their website. Simple enough? Not in the least…But I’m not going to bother bitching about this.

The real issue lies in their false advertisement and horrible service. I called while I was looking for parking to find out how much time should I put into my parking meter. When I told the receptionist that I have long hair and I was going in for Keratin, she said “Oh…at least 4 hours”, which is what I already had expected because my hair stylist friends all told me it should take about that long for me.

Long story short, the girl finished my hair in less than 2 hours, and was short at least one step that I know of in the Keratin process. She explained to me that my hair should be frizzless and almost totally straight after I wash it out in 2 days (and I waited 3 because that’s what everyone else had told me to do). When I turned in my coupon the girl at the front tells me “This service would have normally been $400 without this coupon. Just so you know…for tipping purposes”…Uhh How could that have cost $400 when it was a little over an hour and half?? I know they are supposed to charge for the product and then an hourly rate for the hairdresser. Where the F**k did they get that number from?? And I’m a bartender so I think I know a thing or two about tipping..which I did, but now I regret it.

3 days later I wash my hair and wait to see the magical difference…WTF? Nothing changed! Nothing at all! It’s as if I hadn’t done ANYTHING to my hair at all. It was all a waste of money, time and effort. And Couptessa doesn’t offer a satisfaction guarantee like Groupon does so I’m totally f**ked.

Screw Brownes & Co…this place is pathetic.

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